LCentral English —  May 14, 2021

Re: (HIGH PRIORITY) Proactive measure to safeguard students – Digital Lessons

Dear Valued Parents,

Current Update
We refer to the announcement by the multi-ministry task force of the regulations for Phase 2 (Heightened Alert) that will be in effect from Sunday 16 May until 13 June 2021.

We are treating this development as a top priority and have been monitoring the situation closely. We have not received any further notice or advisory from the authorities pertaining to the operations of Private Tuition and Enrichment classes.

LCentral’s Proactive Measure
We would like to assure you that there have been no confirmed Covid-19 cases at or visits made by a confirmed Covid-19 case to any LCentral Centre.

LCentral classes are conducted with strict Safe Management Measures (SMM), which have been in place since last June, and additional precautionary measures introduced last week from 7 May 2021.

We would like to assure you that the duty of care to our students, parents and staff is of paramount importance. While we are working on getting further instruction from the authorities, we have decided that it is important to take proactive measures to further safeguard our students.

In view of the recent spike in cases, we will be voluntarily suspending physical classes at all LCentral Centres temporarily from Saturday 15 May to Sunday 13 June. Classes will be conducted online as Digital Lessons during this period.

Even though LCentral Centres are not directly affected nor have been instructed to suspend physical classes, this decision was made in keeping the best interest of our students at heart. At LCentral, we have children as young as 3.5 years old attending our programmes and we strongly feel that it is our moral responsibility to keep our students and staff safe and protected.

Digital Lessons – Important Dates

  • The premises of all LCentral Centres will be voluntarily closed from Saturday 15 May to Sunday 13 June.
  • Digital Lessons (online classes) will be conducted from Monday 17 May to Sunday 13 June.
  • As the voluntary closure takes effect Saturday 15 May and Digital Lessons start from Monday 17 May, the lessons on Saturday 15 May and Sunday 16 May will be pushed back by one week, and continue with Digital lessons in the following week.
  • In the event that there are no further concerning spikes in Covid-19 cases and once we have established that it is safe to resume operations, in compliance with existing measures, physical classes will resume at all centres from Monday, 14 June 2021.

About Digital Lessons

Digital Lessons are offered as a temporary measure to safeguard our students and parents, reducing the need for them to come for physical classes amid the spike in confirmed cases. There will be no change in the class timing, teachers, curriculum delivery or curriculum standards.

Lessons will be conducted via LCentral Virtual Classroom with live teacher-student interaction for a full 90 minutes. Students will use their issued workbook. There are no other additional resources required.

You will be receiving detailed information on the Digital Lessons directly via WhatsApp. We want to assure you that you will be fully supported and our staff will be available to provide timely updates and assistance.

Yours Sincerely,
LCentral Head Office

Pdf Letter Download:
Digital Lessons Letter to Parents