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Unleashing the power of


Programme for Primary 1-5

LCentral is delighted to partner with BAFEL,
bringing the acclaimed Powerful Public Speaking
programme to our young learners.

Highly Successful
Reading Programme

We have empowered over 10,000
(and counting…) K1 and K2 students
to become independent readers!

Exam Mastery
Primary Programmes

Master the English language and exams!
Our Primary programmes empower students
to be competent, confident and exam-ready.

LiftOff Primary Practice

(suitable for K1 and K2)

Preparing students for Primary One through active
in structured lessons that focus on
skills development, students learn spelling rules,
grammar concepts, guided writing and oral
communications skills, empowering them for
primary school success.

Success Stage 1

(suitable for P1 to P3)

Training students to be exam smart, Success Stage 1
focuses on all MOE curriculum requirements for
Primary 1, 2 and 3, developing independent and
proficient communicators.


(suitable for N2 to K2)

LaunchPad enhances your child’s pre-reading skills, which are
essential to them becoming confident and
independent readers.


(suitable for NI and N2)

Foundations develop English language skills by honing
and expanding
on fundamental early literacy development.

LiftOff Learn-to-Read

(suitable for K1 to P2)

Training students to become independent readers,
LiftOff is a complete literacy programme that builds
on the pre-reading skills taught in LaunchPad and
focuses on the mastery of reading.


(suitable for P1 to P6)

Creating exceptional writers, CreativeWriting is
an all-inclusive narrative writing skills programme
that develops in students a greater sense of
language awareness and trains them in the
fundamentals of writing impressive compositions.

Success Stage 2

(suitable for P4 and P5)

Training students to be exam smart, Preparation for
PSLE prepares Primary 4 and 5 students for the
PSLE through a strategically-designed methodology
and in-depth language activities.

Success Stage 3

(suitable for P6)

Empowering students to excel, PSLE Success teaches
students high-level English language communication
skills while giving them exam practice strategies for
competently and confidently sitting the PSLE exam.

What English language skills are
essential to your child?

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Suitable for N1 and N2


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Suitable for P1 to P6


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Quality Promise

LCentral is a reputable Premier English Specialist providing quality English enrichment. We represent quality, integrity and…


Quality Promise

LCentral is a reputable and affordable premium English enrichment provider. We represent quality, integrity and…

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