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A Broken Vase

A Broken Vase Model Composition 1
  Jia Li and Jia Wei were playing a game of catch. The siblings took turns to chase each other around the living room, squealing with glee. They swerved around the sofa and bookshelf, skilfully avoiding the obstacles in the room.

  As they rounded the coffee table, Jia Li bumped into it. Their mother’s precious vase wobbled back and forth, then came crashing down onto the floor. It shattered into a million pieces. The children were horrified.

  Just then, their mother came home and was devastated to see the broken vase. She scolded the children for their carelessness. Simon and Susie felt terrible, and they apologised profusely. They knew they had to take responsibility for their actions and make things right.

  Together, they cleaned up the broken vase and swept up all the tiny pieces. They promised their mother that they would be more careful in future and learnt a valuable lesson about the importance of being careful with fragile things.

A BROKEN VASE Model Composition 2
  Tim and Katie were having a blast playing catch in the living room. Suddenly, Katie lost her footing and crashed into the coffee table. The vase fell to the ground and broke into tiny, sharp pieces.

  Both children froze in shock. Their mother heard the commotion and rushed into the room. Tim and Katie apologised and offered to help clean up the mess, but their mother was too upset. She sent them to their rooms, telling them to think about what they had done.

  Tim and Katie spent the rest of the afternoon reflecting on their mistake. They knew they had to make things right and decided to create a homemade vase to replace the one they had broken.

  They worked together to make a new vase and gave it to their mother. She was touched by their effort and forgave them. She even put the new vase on display. Simon and Susie learnt that even when they make mistakes, they can find ways to make things right.