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An Accident in the Park

An Accident in the Park Model Composition 1

The air was fresh, filled with the scent of freshly-cut grass and blooming flowers. Emily and her friend, Alex, had agreed to go rollerblading in the nearby park. She found him waiting under the shade of a tree and ran over to join him, waving and calling out his name. The two friends eagerly strapped on their rollerblades and were raring to go.

Whoosh! They set off at the speed of light, laughing and cheering as they glided down the winding path. Emily and Alex were having so much fun that they did not notice the disapproving looks from the other park-goers. Unfortunately, their exhilaration did not last long.

Disaster struck when a small poodle dashed out from behind a bush and onto the path ahead of them. Emily, who was a distance ahead of Alex, tried to dodge the poodle but could not brake in time. To avoid a collision, she swerved at the last second and crashed onto the path with a thud that silenced the park.

The poodle’s owner approached, cradling his beloved pet against his chest. His initial look of anger was replaced with concern when he noticed Emily trembling with a mix of fear and pain. Kneeling beside her, the man carefully examined her elbow, which was badly bruised and bleeding. He gently removed the rollerblades from Emily’s feet before helping her up.

Alex, who had stopped beside Emily, went forward to lend a hand. He accompanied Emily back to her house, where she received an earful from her mother. Her mother’s stern voice was tinged with worry and Emily was filled with remorse. She promised to always put safety first, and to never act recklessly again.

An Accident in the Park Model Composition 2

In the heart of a bustling park, Diana and Oliver were gearing up for a race. “Don’t forget your protective gear!” their mother shouted from a nearby bench, knowing her children’s antics. “We don’t need them, Mum!” Diana replied.

The children felt that protective gear is for beginners who are prone to falling. Diana and Oliver had been rollerblading since they were five and they were very confident in their abilities. “Whoever reaches the fountain first wins!” Oliver shouted. With a sigh, their mother watched as the children sped down the path.

An elderly man shook his head as Diana and Oliver whizzed by, and a couple pulled their child closer. Diana felt like she was moving at the speed of light, with the wind caressing her face and her heart thrumming with excitement. She knew that she was in the lead and victory would soon be hers.

Unbeknownst to Diana, a small stone lay in her path. Diana tripped over the stone, her arms flailing in a desperate attempt to regain balance. A sharp cry of pain escaped Diana’s lips as she hit the ground and skidded across the rough pavement, her face contorted in shock and agony. Time seemed to stop as Diana sat sprawled on the ground, stunned and in pain. When she finally snapped back to her senses, Diana’s mother was beside her, repeatedly asking if she was alright.

Unfortunately, Diana had landed badly and fractured her leg. She needed a cast and crutches, and was unable to participate in outdoor activities for a long time. The incident taught her a painful lesson. In the days to come, Diana and Oliver eventually returned to the park, this time fully geared with a helmet and protective guards.